Quietly seeking, yearning for nourishment. Woken, and wandering down. He holds my hand when I flench out of fear. Protects me even when I resist; I am not worthy of his presence, of how he gently caresses my being..



These Eyes show me what I see but, don’t define how I may view particularly anything in eyesight.

“The Now”

Disgusted with the “Current”. Eww, there’s few short-lived happy expressions followed by this Putrid “Current”. I’m just so exhausted with this “Current” that I just want to grab it by the neck, and suffocate it until it ceases to exist. Eww. 


Just people talking random things because they have been informed that their opinion matters in society and there is no wrong answer. Always talking… just talking and always needing to have their thoughts be known, all the time.
It’s okay to speak your mind occasionally and voice your ideas and thoughts about a certain situation but, not all the time. Society has come up with the absurd idea that anything and everything should be known and there is no thing as being censored and conservative. Not being opposed to the idea that every person has freedom of speech, and can say what ever they want but, what happened to moderating what you say and not always entertaining the foolery that mocks our generation in time. People always talk but, are never saying anything worth of importance.
Can we just stimulating conversations of value and not be entitled to just speak of unimportant nonsense. We must not value ourselves to the highest capability because “we find simplicity in comedic works” instead of having deep intellectual, mind-stimulating conversations. What is happening to the homo-sapiens of this day and time.
Your opinion may be valued but, may not always be necessary.

Nintendo (GameCube)

You’ve been with me for most of my life and I’m overjoyed that you haven’t failed me yet. I appreciate you because you’ve been there for me and all my games. You still seem to make me smile, even after the discontinued use.

I’m sorry.

Being mean to you and not playing with you is so selfish of me. I finally see the internet and then I leave you for blogs and house music. I even play with the Nintendo DS more than you. I can’t believe myself, how could I.  I’m going to make it up to you.

Don’t worry,

you don’t ever have to compare yourself to the internet or the Nintendo DS again.

Still Loving You,


Breonte’s House

There’s new houses being built and dumpsters laying around with empty scraps of building materials, and the house is still under construction.

There is a breeze. A light breeze that is slowly shaking a tree back and forth, unaware of its natural state. It’s unfortunate that their are no kids playing outside and no cars driving down the gated community. A tree looks like a pyramid, interesting.

Now, I wait…. oops

My Mother’s here for me.